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Atyrau University

Atyrau University

Atyrau University


Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau state University (Kh. Dosmukhamedov ASU) is a modern educational technology with active use of a computer base, language laboratories, Internet-connected classrooms, and offices, lecture halls with audio-visual and multimedia equipment, eight academic buildings that meet modern requirements, a fundamental library, and a printing house with modern printing equipment, two student dormitories, five canteens, a medical center, a sports complex, and a stadium.

Kh. Dosmukhamedov ASU has established strong creative ties with Kazakhstan's well-known educational and scientific centers, near and far abroad, collaborating with universities and research centers in different countries.

OUR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION is the only state University in Atyrau region that provides an opportunity to get high-quality education in natural Sciences, Humanities, Economics, law, fine arts and music, pedagogical and agricultural specialties.


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