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The founding spirit of Keiai University, "Keiten Mistress" (loves those who respect the heavens), is a word that Saigo Takamori (Nanshu), a leading figure in the Meiji Restoration, used to be the inscription. "Heaven" represents the reason that governs nature, and "human" refers to all humankind, including the self, and at the same time, the life and society built by people. Impressed by the belief of "respecting reason and loving people and their activities," the founder, Masayuki Nagatoro, made this the basic spirit of the school and named it "respect" to convey that aspiration. The name of Keiai University is also derived from this.

The word “Keiten Aijin” (Worship Thy Heaven, Love Thy Neighborhood) appears in the teachings of Takamori Saigo, a leader of Meiji restoration. In this expression, “ten” means a reason to govern nature and the universe. All human beings. It also refers to Worship Thy Heaven, Love Thy Neighborhood.

Masaji Nagatoro was deeply impressed by this spirit of respecting reason and loving your fellow men. As a result, he adopted this idea as his central principle and named our university “ Keiai ”in order to pass it down to future generations.


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