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Jungwon University


Jungwon University’s educational mission is to cultivate future global talents through our founding philosophy of coexistence and the values of Sincerity, Reverence, and Faith.

In order to realize our educational mission, our university is equipped with excellent faculty, cutting-edge educational facilities, and various programs focusing on differentiated curriculum and educational methods. Also, we provide scholarships to all members of the incoming students, as well as the nation's best residential dormitories for all students in order to create the best academic atmosphere.

Jungwon is doing its best to conduct character education and spread a global mind. In order to achieve this, we are focusing on cultivating desirable traits and teaching foreign languages, so that our students can maximize their professional potential anywhere in the world.

Especially, we have quality international faculty members for enhancing foreign language skills, and foreigners in various facility management positions help our students naturally obtain foreign languages while staying on campus. We thus have an educational system for cultivating global talents.

By establishing a cooperative relationship with internationally recognized universities, research institutions, and corporations, Jungwon University has created a support system providing academic exchanges, student exchanges, foreign training, study abroad, and internship abroad for our faculty and students. In relation to this, we will do our best to aid our graduates’ career search by establishing and cooperating with in-college institutions in various fields, such as medical engineering research institute, energy and environment research institute, traditional Korean medicine industry research institute, biomedical science research institute.

With the slogan “Jungwon to the World, and the World to Korea,” we will support our students to work towards their dream at Jungwon University located at the center of Korea. Jungwon is ready to help you realize your dreams and passions. Show your dream to the world at Junwon University. Come to Jungwon.


  • Gwacheon-si

    Gwacheon-si, South Korea