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Istanbul Aydin University


“Towards a Bright Future” being the slogan of Istanbul Aydin University, it is not surprising to come across our graduates at the height of their careers. Istanbul Aydin University is both a city and a campus university with its campus located at the center of Istanbul and with its experienced academic staff well-known for their scientific works in our country and the world.

The first thing you will notice when you step into the campus will be its vitality. You may encounter an event at any time of the day in Istanbul Aydın University with constant energy and activity. At IAU, in addition to theoretical training, we know the importance of understanding practical training where you might find yourself in a lead role in a short film, in the middle of conducting research or you might find yourself accompanying a song-along.

It is not surprising to find IAU students when you go abroad. While the Istanbul Aydin University ERASMUS program has many outgoing students, it also welcomes many incoming international students. Being aware of the possibilities in scientific research and superior technology and with the “Technological University” principle, taking steps towards foreign languages, food, mechatronics, and computer labs students have unlimited access to the most advanced technology. In this context, it is not a coincidence that Istanbul Aydin University has Turkey’s largest Techno Center.

By applying and gaining the award of the European Commission’s ECTS Label and DS Label, Istanbul Aydin University has now opened European doors for students graduating with an IAU diploma.

With the implementation of the field application system, Istanbul Aydin University eliminates students' disadvantage of being "inexperienced." Understanding of lifelong learning by supporting our students after graduation; Our career center provides continuous service to our students with career planning after graduation, many of our students work together with our partner cooperations for placement in their dream careers. During the academic year, students also gain experiences through either our spring festivals, academic seminars, or through famous people’s life stories and their experiences.

"The Most Preferred Foundation University Since Its Establishment" Istanbul Aydin University, with its campuses in Bahcelievler and Florya, meets the expectations of the students and with its state-of-the-art techno centers, world-famous research centers, and academic units and its ideal to become a "Global University", offers new opportunities with each passing day and continues to grow on its way "Towards a Bright Future."


Istanbul Aydın University adopts an understanding of excellence in education.

Our vision is to become a higher education institution where sustainable innovation prevails and individuals who will be beneficial to humanity are educated by gaining vocational competence in education programs keeping up with the changes.


The mission of Istanbul Aydın University is;

  • To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward the basic and applied interdisciplinary research and occupational competencies and has a sound infrastructure keeping up to date, technologically enhancing the process of conversion of knowledge to production,
  • To maintain a campus to have graduates not only competent in their fields of profession but able actors in the global competition and aware of the professional environment with co-existing cultural differences.
  • To create national and international cooperations with Academic Environments, Businesses, and NGOs,
  • To promote individuals and society into lifelong learning.
  • To become the center of attraction in the national and international arena for students and academicians.

Campus Features

Technology Center

Istanbul Aydın University Technology Center is a brand new complex that has been established to provide a rich scientific atmosphere to train the technical personnel who contributes to industrial developments. The Center has become a training approach along with multi-purpose workshops it consists of 12 laboratories in the scientific fields of mechatronics, mechanics, food, general chemistry, physics, modular electronics, textile, microscopy, genetics and real-time PCR, and automotive. The center is also open to industrial companies for analysis and research.


The region where modern Turkey is located had been the home of various populations of different cultures which had been the sources of the world's civilizations. Many of those civilizations recorded and saved their knowledge in order to pass them to future generations, and these efforts turned into libraries, many of which could survive till our times.

Being a part of such a rich heritage that placed particular importance on accumulating and sharing knowledge, Istanbul Aydin University has built up its libraries and equipped them with a computerized system.

IAU libraries consist of materials such as thousands of books, periodicals. Journals, CDs, and videos to provide sources for academic and vocational activities and for individual improvement. IAU libraries, having a hi-tech and dynamic infrastructure, renders usual library services as well as a virtual library atmosphere to students, lecturers, and administrative staff.

Materials are classified by Dewey Digital System and can be reached by open shelf order. Dewey System operates on a subject basis and provides easy access to desired materials. Bahçelievler and Florya libraries are interlinked. Therefore it is possible for students to have quick access to electronic books, audiovisual materials from any campus. These libraries provide access to the documentation center of the Higher Education Council(YOK) of Turkey and the National Library enabling users to reach millions of books and documents from the IAU library which is in service 18 hours a day.

Medical Facilities

Health Units are serving our students and faculty 18 hours a day with three doctors and four nurses in a fully equipped clinic at Bahcelievler and Florya campuses.

In addition, state health centers and hospitals below apply a discount to all students, lecturers, and staff such as; Acibadem Hospital, Bogazici Medical Center, Acibadem Clinic, Memorial Hospital, Acibadem Eye Health Center, Yaşam Hospital, and Dogan Hospital.

Sports&Leisure Facilities

In our university, a great number of sports activities, which are pioneered by the Center of Health, Culture, and Sports, are held with the co-operation of Student’s Council and clubs besides the activities done regularly and in a planned way.

İstanbul aydın University, which is interested in any field of sports, has several championships in arm wrestling, bowling, basketball, and also has been taking place into positions of representing Turkey abroad.

The aim of sports activities is to help students spend their free time according to their interests, become more interested in sports, to contribute their body and mental health, support and encourage their abilities, to develop their social relationships by producing, sharing, and creating solutions.

Football, bowling, volleyball, table tennis, chess, and arm wrestle teams, which were established with the contributions of our students, attend not only the matches in the university itself but also the ones among other universities.


    For Undergraduate Programs

    The placement into the vocational schools (120 ECTS-2-year short cycles) and undergraduate (240 ECTS- 4-year first cycle and 300/360 ECTS and 5/6-year-"long" first cycle in dentistry (5 years), veterinary (5 years) and medicine (6 years) degree programs is made solely based on the scores obtained from The Student Selection Examination (ÖSS). Students taking the exam make their choices of degree programs, and send their list to The Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). The ÖSYM receives all the applications, groups the applications with respect to the score type, and places the students to one of the selections they have made. Students who have started studies and achieved credits in other universities within or outside of the country may apply for their recognition. The recognition record is unique for each student and therefore the procedure is carried out accordingly before the start of each academic year.

    Students who are graduates of secondary school (public or private high school, vocational or technical schools) that have been placed by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) to one of our programs can make their enrollment. Students with proof of admission to higher education and the program they have been placed in are admitted to the program affiliated with the University. Registration opens the first week of September.

    For Graduate Programs

    Admissions of Turkish Citizens to the graduate programs offered at both Master's and Doctorate Levels by the graduate schools of IAU are done within the framework of our Rules & Regulations for Graduate Programmes.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Visa Requirements

    Visa Requirements differ according to country you are residing. Its wise to contact your nearest Turkish Embassy/ Consulate for details on visa requirement.


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