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ISAD - Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design

ISAD - Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design

ISAD - Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design



ISAD has the purpose to offer a high-quality vocational education in the field of Architecture and Design. After more than 30 years of experience, the Institute is involved in a constant evolution and changing process which allows it to bring up to date whether the address of the didactics or the teachers who are presently young professionals actively engaged either in the freelance profession or into the critical or editorial field. A changing which in any case has not injured the original spirit of the Institute which goes on to be found on the work groups, on the presence of the teachers, on the students' social life, on the interchangeable of the experiences and of the teachers as well. The spirit of community, where a good competition does not exclude the collaboration and the mutual exchange.

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Established in 1980 by a group of architects, ISAD is a 100% Italian school with a philosophy aiming to exchange architectural ideas and practices and to form professional designers. ISAD has lately been confirmed to be “the Milanese School of Interior Design”. 1982 The first course of Garden Design and later on the first Master course in landscape design. A course that has formed almost all garden designers on the Milanese area and northern Italy. 1983 The first biennium course of “naval architecture” for the design of sailing and motor yachts, today offered as a workshop on “interior yacht design”. 1984 Workshop and short-term seminar on jewellery design with Ivo Misani, “The Cellini Project”. The first course of “photography interiors” with Luciana Mulas. ISAD is a catwalk of renowned lecturers of contemporary design. 1992 The first course of “antique art estimator” held by international lecturers in the field of antiquity. 1993 The most important event is the “tale” of Achille Castiglioni’s professional experiences, that has designed an exclusive exhibition for ISAD on the stage of a Milanese theatre in partnership with the most famous design firms that have produced his masterpieces. Castiglioni has entertained the public with live performances and tales explaining the creation of each one of his products that were the main elements of the stage scenography design. 1995 The beginning of the collaboration of ISAD with China. The “Tong Ji University” of Shanghai invites ISAD to hold some conferences on Italian Design and on ISAD’s education. ISAD is invited to participate to a competition for the restyling of the Shanghai “World Plaza” tower interiors. As a winner of the competition, ISAD, represented by architect Marinella Jacini, today Director of the Institute, designs and realizes all the common and public areas of the tower. The work in China proceeds with the participation to competition projects and afterwards to the design and realization of the “World Financial Centre Mansion Building” in Beijing and of the “International Shipping Building” in Shanghai. 1998 In partnership with Atelier Mendini, ISAD promotes events for the Milan Design Week in Atelier Mendini Offices and in the industrial space of the actual Prada headquarter in via Orobia with Jacopo Foggini. 1999 For the opening of its new campus in via Orobia in Milan, ISAD organizes in partnership with Atelier Mendini, 3 evenings of events on the theme of colour, “Colour is music”. 2000 On the occasion of the third millennium, a series of seminars and lectures are held: Enrico Baleri, Marco Ferreri, Franco Raggi, Aldo Cibic, Fabio Novembre (ISAD student in the 80’s), Federico Bucci, Alessandro Vicari, Matteo Vercelloni, Luca Scacchetti. A one week of design workshop with John Brookes, a highly ranked British garden designer. 2001 ISAD is awarded by Provincia di Milano the Best Project for the Master course “Beyond Barriers, design for disabled” in partnership with HB Group. 2003 Internal competition “Design with copper” launched by the Italian Copper Institute. Internal competition “Plasticreativity” launched by the firm Makroform. The prototypes of the winning projects are presented in an ISAD exhibition during the Milan Design Week. 2004 The beginning of the partnership with Rotational Design Association: competition launched between the students of the design schools of excellence in Milan for the design of products realized with the rotational design technology. 2005 Seminar sponsored by Comune di Romano Banco for urban design proposals for the municipality lot and area. 2005 ISAD 25th anniversary! During the entire year, important events are organized:

  • ”25th ISAD stories” exhibition of the students project works;
  • “3 Appointments for ISAD 25th Anniversary” lectures on design:
  • Architects an Design Works with Piero Lissoni and Fabio Novembre, moderator Enrico Morteo
  • Photography in Architecture & Design in Italy from the 80’s till today with Gabriele Basilico and Maurizio Galimberti, moderator Alberto Moioli
  • Interiors Made in Italy - the interior design project in Italy from the 80’s till today with Jacopo Gardella, Piero De Martini and Matteo Vercelloni, moderator Giampiero Bosoni;
  • “1980/2005 Design, Firms, Products” exhibition and confrontation of design products of the 80’s and of the years 2000, with the participation of Abet Laminati, Alessi, Cassina, Cappellini, Fontana Arte, Luceplan, Luxottica, Rossi di Albizzate, Spazio 900, Venini. Exhibit Design project by Way SpA.

2008 The company “Caffè Parigi Ltd” of Dublin assigns ISAD the organization of an interior design workshop based on an internal graduate students competition for the concept design of a “Retail Concept Bar” in the docks of the city of Dublin. The designers of the winning project are invited to Dublin for the project’s realization under the supervision of a local office of architecture. 2009 The famous firm Colombo Design assigns ISAD a Design Workshop for new products of handles and bathroom accessories. The participants, selected through regulations outlines, realize executive projects of the new products. The award ceremony takes place at Triennale di Milano and the winning projects have been awarded the prototypes for the production of the related objects. 2010 The first edition of the Master in “Design Materials - Design Textile experiences” coordinated by Giorgio Correggiari. The Master, under sponsorship of the Milan Municipality, Council Department "Ricerca, Innovazione e Capitale Umano" with the cooperation of the departments "Turismo, Marketing Territoriale, Identità", "Cultura", "Attività produttive e Politiche del Lavoro", takes part of the project MIND (Milan Network for Design) that involves the Milanese design schools of excellence. The master course aims to deepen the knowledge of design materials in all the possible applications in fashion and design in general. The master also includes the participation of important firms of fashion and design, renowned designers, stylists, journalists, critics and sociologists. During the month of April and the Milan Design week, ISAD is invited to participate to Salone Satellite within the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, where the exhibition presents prototypes of the latest students project works. 2011 ISAD joins the project Milano Summer School sponsored by Comune di Milano with its short courses of Shop Design, Hotel Design, Exhibit Design, Photography and Architecture, Television Set Design, Interior Yacht Design, with the addition of two new courses that were of great interest: Designing for Children and Pets Fantasy Design. The master in Yacht Design and Engineering Process begins, coordinated by architect Marco Amadio. Organization of the “ISAD_Lab 14_7” event and exhibition in honour of Giorgio Correggiari. 2012 “Design Materials – Design Textile experiences” Master becomes “New Tech-Style Design”, 1 st Level accredited Master in collaboration with POLI.Design. Interior Design Master and Garden Design Master become both 1st Level Masters accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S. (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools) 2013 The Interior Design basic course becomes a 3-years course and becomes accredited as a Bachelor degree by E.A.B.H.E.S. (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools). ISAD expands its educational offer with two important professional workshops about sustainable architecture:

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  • “Building with Wood”
  • “Raw Earth building”

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