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Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp


Global Science for Health Worldwide

Tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and inadequate health care influence the lives of billions of people worldwide.

The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium, promotes the advancement of science and health for all, through innovative research, advanced education, professional services and capacity building of partner institutions in the South. For us, scientific excellence and societal impact are two sides of the same coin.

Our Vision

ITM believes that each world citizen should be able to enjoy a healthy life and that scientific progress is a motor of societal development.

Our Mission

ITM aims at the advancement and spread of the sciences that contribute to tropical medicine and to public health in developing countries, inclusive of their global dimensions.

Our Core Tasks

ITM conducts, within a coherent academic triad, fundamental, translational, and applied scientific research; delivers advanced education and training; and provides medical, scientific, and societal expert services.

Our Values

  • Excellence & Relevance: We strive to stand at the international forefront in key scientific domains and pursue the highest quality in research, education, and services with the ultimate aim to solve actual health problems.
  • Integrity: We want to comply with international ethical standards and aim for critical sense, honesty, and transparency in all our activities.
  • Sustainability & Persistence: We aim for long-term progress without compromising the ability of future generations.
  • Fairness: We value equity, diversity, solidarity, and well-being of students and employees and in partnerships.


  • International students:


  • 0
  • Student to faculty ratio:

    3 to 1

Campus Features

  • Campus size:


  • Stand out architecture:

    Art-Deco buildings (1923)

  • Number of buildings:


  • Accommodation:

    Student accommodation: 100 student rooms


  • Antwerp

    Nationalestraat 155, 2000, Antwerp