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Institute Of Technologists

Institute Of Technologists

Institute Of Technologists


Aiming to be a "technologist-engineer who understands skills-" that supports society through manufacturing

The Institute of Technologists aims to develop human resources with the sensibility and ethics that will open up a new era by adding scientific and technical knowledge and management ability to the foundation of basic skills and "manufacturing spirit". I will. Here, we emphasize practical science, and instead of starting from theory as in the past, we first come into contact with things, experience and experience the life of things, discover problems from them, find solutions to them, and plan ourselves. We value the process of making it.

Therefore, the idea is completely different from the conventional science and technology university, and there are many practical subjects and long-term internships. Students are required to study and work hard, but I think it will have great significance in the future.

In this way, we will nurture pioneers who can realize themselves through "manufacturing." That is the Institute of Technologists.


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    Gyoda, Japan


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