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INSA Toulouse MSc Water Engineering and Water Management
INSA Toulouse

MSc Water Engineering and Water Management

Toulouse, France

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 9,000 / per year *


* reduction down to 5473 € per year for academic partners and selected students


This program is provided by INSA Toulouse and Toulouse INP

The Master of Water Engineering and Water Management will provide students with shared theoretical and practically oriented knowledge in the field of water engineering and water management.

Students in the program should acquire the ability to design water engineering projects and realize these projects efficiently in line with the principles of sustainability (integration of energy efficiency and mass/energy valorization).

Aims of the program

The Master of Water Engineering and Water Management focuses on chemical engineering and hydrology applied to unit operations of water treatment and water sciences (aquatic system and its preservation). The purpose of the lectures is concerned with biological and chemical reactors for pollution removal, unit operations of separation for high-quality water production (membrane separation, adsorption), hydrology, and ecology for the management of aquatic systems.

In addition, students will follow courses on international regulations, environmental management, and project management to be able to face water-related societal, governmental, and industrial stakes. During the two years of formation, the student will have strong interactions with industrial partners and research laboratories.

Research Institutions and Industrial Partners

Industrial applications of the program are related to desalination, drinking water production, wastewater treatment, water reuse, industrial water treatment, and eco-conception of processes.

INSA is a member of the national cluster of Excellence WATER and of the regional cluster of Water, Sensor, and Membrane. The laboratories involved in this master's are ranked A+, a plus for future students whose education will be closely linked to the research.


  • Masters of Science are national degrees accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education
  • Further studies: PhD program (3 years)
  • All MSc Degree holders are allowable to take a step forward in the academic track to get the PhD degree
  • Pre-requisite: Bachelor’s degree


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