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Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Master of Business Administration - major in Business Analytics
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Master of Business Administration - major in Business Analytics

Lillehammer, Norway

2 Years


Full time, Part time

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The program is open only for EU/EEA citizens (with up to 50% of the places being reserved for Norwegian applicants).

The program provides you with a versatile competence that prepares you for challenging positions in the industry, such as manager, data analyst, or business consultant. The main objective of the program is to bring forth top economists and managers who can utilize the increasing availability of data, with state-of-the-art analytical methods.

Private and public organizations often must make decisions under uncertainty. This MA program provides you with the theoretical foundation and analytical skills and techniques to guide your future employer in making better decisions under such circumstances. The target group for this program is individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration or related quantitative orientation, who want to pursue a strong and relevant Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Research-Based Teaching

The program has several approaches to research-based teaching:

Research-based content

This is based on a combination of conceptual and empirical scientific papers and other research literature used in the lectures. The academic staff owns relevant publications that are included in the syllabus.

Research-based teaching focusing on research processes and scientific thinking

Early in the first semester, students will go through training in how scientific papers are written. For the different subjects, the students will write content according to scientific standards. The academic staff and their research partners will give the students insight into their own research by presenting ongoing research. The student’s understanding of the research processes and methods will be further developed through method subjects and the work on the master’s thesis. The academic staff also consists of Ph.D. students who will share their experiences from working within research.

Research-based student activities

A discussion of different theoretical perspectives, methods, and research results are implemented in the different subjects and will have a strong focus on lectures and exercises. Through working on mandatory hand-ins, exams and term papers, and discussions in lectures, the students will discuss conceptual and practical issues based on research results.

Research-based student inclusion in investigative learning processes

Some of the subjects have quite extensive term papers structured as a research process. In writing the master’s thesis, the students will conduct an independent research project within Business Analytics under the supervision of a supervisor. The program is embedded into the department’s research strategy and, thus, also the research area. Hence, master’s students can be involved in the department’s research activities while working on their thesis. These students may also be engaged as scientific assistants.

Student exchange

Full-time students can go on exchange in the 3rd semester, with the option of extending the exchange in the 4th semester. It will also be possible to take a single elective as an exchange student in the form of a summer course.

Part-time students can take a single course at an international partner institution that offers summer courses, or take one or more master courses with group-based teaching at the School of Business, Economics, and Law at Karlstad University. It will also be possible to take an entire semester abroad for part-time students, but it may then be appropriate to study full-time while on an exchange.

Courses selected at a partner institution must be pre-approved prior to the exchange by the study program leader in accordance with the overall learning outcome of the MBA.

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