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INEA Escuela Universitaria De Ingenieria Agricola

INEA Escuela Universitaria De Ingenieria Agricola

INEA Escuela Universitaria De Ingenieria Agricola


INEA celebrated its first FIFTY YEARS of existence in 2015. Since in the sixties Fr. Quintanilla and a group of entrepreneurs from Valladolid bet on modernization in the management of agricultural holdings ... many things have happened.

We are part of a wide network of Universities, we have had an official degree from the University of Valladolid (1983-2018) and since the 2018-2019 academic year our degree is a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural and Agro-environmental Engineering along with our own degree in Administration and Management of Agrifood Companies as a Center Attached to the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. we have participated in many more than 50 projects. We have surpassed that figure of fifty in many respects.

What we have done especially in these fifty years, and we will continue to do, is cultivate. We spend our lives cultivating. WE CULTIVATE the dignity of the countryside and the rural environment and we fight for their development in all aspects. We cultivate interpersonal human relationships based on respect and the promotion of justice. We cultivate respect for nature, the environment and agriculture as the most dignified profession of all time, said the poet. We cultivate ... with patience and conviction. We cultivate the autonomous learning of our students, adults who seek to learn and have their own path in life.


  • Valladolid

    Cno. Old Man of Simancas, km. 4.5 47008 Valladolid, , Valladolid