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IM – Digital Business School

IM – Digital Business School

IM – Digital Business School


We are the leading Digital Business School in Digital Marketing. We have more than 15 years of experience, which gives us unique learning with which we can continue to evolve, specialize and, above all, train new leading professionals in the digital sector, of which there are already more than 20,000.

At IM Digital Business School we ensure the perfect integration of digital technical skills with performance skills in Digital Marketing, Digital Business and Digital Communication. This union is what allows us to offer a training model adapted to the real needs that arise every day and that must be satisfied.

This model is linked to consolidated principles and values, capable of helping our students and professionals to become and position themselves as entrepreneurial, innovative, competent and, above all, responsible experts, both ethically and socially.

We prepare leaders so that they know how to safely adapt to the future that characterizes the digital transformation of business and entrepreneurship, but also so that they take an active role and build it.

Why does IM Digital Business School make a difference?

Each student is unique and has their own initiatives, objectives, goals to meet and qualities to cultivate, so it is essential to prioritize and optimize their autonomy, self-learning and educational growth. These key points are the cornerstone of an education in which students are empowered and show their full potential by focusing on their academic and professional prosperity. 90% of IM students find a job in less than 24 months. The recent results obtained in the ISO, UNE and QS audit surveys support IM Digital Business School as a guarantee of employability and job promotion in less than 24 months. These results show that the employment situation of students who are studying a master's degree or have already obtained their degree is increasingly beneficial; not only in terms of the professional position they now occupy, but also in terms of their salary.

Furthermore, with high-performance digital training, IM Digital Business School has carried out innovation in its teaching quality and in its pedagogical methodology, since, throughout their academic journey, students implement skills such as time management , the planning and execution of actions focused on achieving objectives. In this way, they train the soft skills associated with success and incorporate them into their daily lives until they become a natural response to the professional challenges they may face.

The focus of our programs

Abordamos la formación de profesionales para la nueva generación de negocios digitales desde una visión transversal: marketing, comunicación y negocios digitales, con másteres especializados que destacan por un temario profundo y actualizado, donde todas las asignaturas son prácticas e impartidas por expertos en activo.

All our master's degrees have a double degree with 100% practical subjects, which, added to a virtual campus without competition in other European schools and a methodology that tracks your performance by giving you periodic feedback, allows us to ensure that you evolve in the right direction. Likewise, they create a unique experience that translates into highly trained and competitive professionals who stand out in the selection processes.


Our ultimate goal is that professionals trained in IM have more and better professional opportunities. For this reason, we have created the Digital Careers department made up of HR specialists, dedicated to the selection of digital talent with the aim of enhancing their careers once the program has finished, speeding up their journey within the labor market. We cover 2 areas: professional internships and job offers.

We work with a powerful employment pool that is unique due to its specialization in digital profiles that is in constant demand and the placement of specialized profiles like Jessica's in large companies in Spain.

Jessica tells you first hand:



Ofrecer la mejor formación en Marketing Digital y ponerla al alcance de todos. El marketing Digital no debe ser patrimonio de unas pocas empresas.

We educate, inspire and collaborate with a community of students, alumni, teachers and professionals in the sector, fostering a lively and active network. A relational system to support each other in the intricate digital environment.

Campus Life & Facilities

Virtual visit Campus Barcelona:


  • Barcelona

    Fisica, 13-17 L.2, 08038, Barcelona

  • Madrid

    Plaza de Carlos Trias Bertrán, 4, 28020, Madrid

  • Barcelona

    Carrer de la Física,13-17, 08038, Barcelona