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IFFE Business School

IFFE Business School

IFFE Business School


IFFE Business School is a Business School in A Coruña, Galicia, with Master and Postgraduate training.

We firmly believe that only the talent of people and collaboration between everyone can change the world, and we bet every day on this. We are constantly growing, we seek diversity and we pursue the generation of talent from the creation of an ecosystem of knowledge, made up of students, professionals and companies.

We seek in all our activities the exact measure between technology and humanism, incorporating in our teachings the technology that permeates the world of the company, without forgetting the importance of people and their development, to which we contribute with all our potential.

IFFE Business School belongs to IFFE Futura S.A., a business group that has been listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MaB) since March 2019, whose progress and solid growth is based on the values ​​of talent, effort, and collaboration.


  • A Coruña

    A Coruña, Spain