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IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rome Master's Program in Fashion Design
IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rome

Master's Program in Fashion Design

Rome, Italy

1 Years


Full time

Request application deadline

22 Jan 2025

EUR 20,100



Step into your future as a change-maker in the fashion industry, driving towards greater environmental and social sustainability.

Be part of a new generation of Fashion Designers who share sustainable thinking and make full use of tailoring techniques -join our Master's Program in Fashion Design in Rome.

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend. It is the only possible way forward for the fashion industry. With the Master's Program in Fashion Design, you will learn how to create responsible and eco-conscious fashion, with a focus on environmental awareness at all times.

You will develop a tailor-focused approach to time and resource maximization, becoming a Designer with a highly developed sense of awareness. You will use the skills acquired as a way to deliver new insight into collection creation and to generate positive and well-needed transformation in the fashion industry, always achieving top-notch creative results.

Develop into a professional with a focus on environmental and social sustainability, designing carefully with attention to zero waste, circularity of materials, and supply chain.

With the Master's Program in Fashion Design, you will be part of the change as you become a Fashion Designer with a higher sense of awareness.

Why choose it

Imagine stepping into a training path that will take you far beyond the classroom walls. The Master's Program in Fashion Design at IED Roma provides excellence in education with sustainability at its core. With the help of designers and professionals sharing extensive experience in the field of sustainable fashion, this training will better equip you to meet the challenges of the industry in a way that is both innovative and responsible.

As you develop hands-on projects across different fields -from clothing to accessories- you will also be learning how to create fashion products that can be successfully brought to market. With your tailor-focused approach, you will make better use of the time and resources available, while also encouraging human relationships between supply and demand across the whole supply chain.

This training is organized as a creative workshop where students are mentored in a step-by-step acquisition of project design methods, where ethics and aesthetics merge with social and environmental concerns. You will learn how to create a collection in a new way, achieving a great deal in terms of creative results.

Upon completion of the training, students will be prepared and ready to step into the fashion industry as Fashion Designers, as well as to work as Textile experts, CSR consultants, and Product Developers.


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