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Idep Barcelona is a school founded in 1981. It is a private institution that imparts Higher Studies University, Masters, Graduate and Professional Programs in areas of high social impact such as the Fashion Photography and Digital Graphic Design, and. Idep Barcelona Higher School of Graphic is associated with the University Abat Oliba since 2005. Social and technological changes have radically transformed the world of design, communication, fashion and image; both related to the work tools and channels to disseminate messages, as far as the ways of thinking and communicating is concerned. In this new scenario, much more demanding and raises its own needs, the main objective of Idep Barcelona is to train the best professionals in the environment and graphic design and visual communication, design and fashion image and Photography and contemporary creation. A new generation of creative people, plus gather the necessary expertise to effectively use the most advanced tools, a contemporary vision of the new conceptual trends. In this way, we facilitate their incorporation into the labor market in the best conditions. In Idep Barcelona more than 700 students each year in their academic, graduation, Masters, Graduate and Professional Programs are formed. After more than 31 years of history, school classrooms have spent thousands of students who now occupy positions of prestige in the professional environment of the image and creativity.

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