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ICONOS (Research Institute for Communication and Culture)

ICONOS (Research Institute for Communication and Culture)

ICONOS (Research Institute for Communication and Culture)


ICONOS - Research Institute for Communication and Culture, is an academic field dedicated to developing research and teaching programs in fields of culture and communication, especially digital. This space has high regard for quality, which is why brings together specialists interested in contributing to knowledge and dissemination of culture in these areas we consider so relevant.


Develop processes for higher education in the areas of communication, culture, and humanities, promoting and disseminating knowledge and universal art, and to investigate, create and communicate knowledge in our society through various forms and educational resources.


1. To provide teaching in higher education in the cognitive domain, and professional discipline of Communication and Culture.

2. Offer courses, diploma courses and specializations in the fields of communication and culture training for people with average technical professional or qualified as required in specific areas and intends to develop its activities with high efficiency, quality, and innovation.

3. Offer graduate studies in the fields of communication and culture to train professionals and researchers with high technological and academic level, able to solve critical problems in the social and professional field, thanks to excellent training, with a solid conceptual and multidisciplinary.

4. Offer doctoral programs in the fields of communication and culture to educate researchers and producers of knowledge at a higher level capable of solving crucial social problems.

5. Developing research activities in various perspectives and in multiple models and methodological strategies, linked by the common string of rigor and quality.

6. Developing projects and basic research programs in the fields of communication and culture in its various disciplinary fields and in their relative, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary: from anthropological, aesthetic, semiotic, hermeneutic, linguistic, iconological, etc.., As well as part of the research lines developed by the faculty of graduate programs, for students in their educational process, or as institutionally defined formulations.


In ICONOS the principles are axiological senses who order our way of being and which, at the same time, guide our actions.

1. Ideological and epistemological pluralism.
2. Argumentative dialogue as the foundation of the academic community.
3. Free thinking.
4. Critical thinking.
5. Human and social responsibility.
6. Academic Freedom.

Teaching Strategies

In ICONOS we know that the knowledge must be related to practice in the sense of contributing to solving the problems that arise in the workplace. We rely on teaching models that are based on the extensive knowledge of our teachers through the outstanding practice of professional practice and research. We use a teaching based on personal attention, aided by work in small groups of students and leading-edge technological resources.

Plant Teachers

We have a very high-quality teaching staff with experience in the private and public. Academics and researchers gathered in ICONOS have outstanding careers in university teaching both at postgraduate areas, such as research and professional production. All our teaching staff has degrees, and most have masters or doctors at prestigious institutions national and international level.

In ICONOS, we realize that our society needs to clarify, systematize, and interpret their resources, structures and cultural dynamics and the communication, so we support the training of high-level professionals.


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    ICONOS Av. Chapultepec 57 2º piso Col. Centro C.P. 06040 México D.F