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ICN Business School MSc in Luxury and Design Management
ICN Business School

MSc in Luxury and Design Management

Paris, France

1 Years


Full time

30 Jun 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 14,000 / per year **


* Applications for 2024-2025 academic year are open from the beginning of December to the end of June.

** Tuition fees are approximate and change every year


  • Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive course tailored to craft dynamic executives poised to conquer the luxurious realm of both products and services. Dive deep into the heart of the luxury industry and emerge with a panoramic understanding that sets you apart.
  • Discover the intricate tapestry of international luxury markets, expanding your horizons and amplifying your expertise. Unravel the mysteries of this elite segment, gaining insights into its major players, from corporate giants to specialized artisans, and delve into the strategies safeguarding its invaluable craftsmanship.
  • Unlock the secrets of creativity and innovation, essential pillars driving success in this prestigious domain. Elevate your skills, refine your vision, and emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the world of luxury. Join us and redefine excellence in the industry of luxury.

Strengths of the programme

A multidisciplinary course

That draws on the ARTEM alliance to expose students to luxury marketing and also product design, development and manufacture.

A course that ensures students are prepared for a career in this sector

Thanks to the involvement of various industry professionals and the vocational aspect of the activities on offer (workshops, projects and company visits).



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