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IAAD Istituto D'Arte Applicata e Design Master in Digital marketing And Communication management
IAAD Istituto D'Arte Applicata e Design

Master in Digital marketing And Communication management

Turin, Italy

10 Months


Full time

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What Is IAAD.?

IAAD. – Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design was founded in Turin in 1978. Thanks to intense and uninterrupted activity, carried out in the campuses in Turin and Bologna, it is one of the most important higher education institutes in Italy and Europe. The Institute, which identifies itself as a dynamic community of individuals in constant interaction, is a talent incubator that promotes an interdisciplinary vision of design.

IAAD., is part of the AD Education international network - a leading private education provider in France in the field of design and the applied arts – and among the leading European educational providers having 13 schools and 38 campuses (4 in Italy, 4 in Spain, 3 in Germany and 27 in France) with 18,000 students, 1,200 teachers and an integrated teaching system in 5 languages offering over 150 courses divided between the three-year programs and the Master's programs.

The teaching staff is primarily drawn from industry professionals, who foster an organic relationship with the business world that sustains a unique job placement service. This winning combination is the reason that over 90% of new graduates are employed within a year of course completion. Thanks to this professional network of relationships with diverse design sectors, IAAD., collaborates with over 5,000 companies that are the basis of the job placement office for IAAD., graduates. Updated curriculum, high regard for the value of faculty and students, and connectivity with industry and practitioners are the backbone of the IAAD., approach for now and the future.

Why Choose The Master In Digital Marketing & Communication Management?

Digital communication comprises all aspects of communication, advertising, and marketing that are conveyed electronically. It is an area that is growing and increasingly relevant and that expands its bounds both technologically but also as a means of communication, commerce, and entertainment. It is characterized by specific and diversified skills including; marketing to content management, programming sites and mobile apps to UX/UI design, social media management to the semantic web, video making to search engine optimization (SEO), digital PR as well as e-commerce platform management and much more. Today, successful digital marketing campaigns are the product of multiple platforms and increasingly interconnected skill sets that create demand for new professionals able to manage diverse complex projects. Marketing and advertising agencies, corporations, and the public sector have little problem finding single-tasked professionals, however, the real demand is for professionals able to execute increasingly complex projects that require utilizing multiple platforms and processes. These are digital managers who are competent in the processes involved and are able to oversee the collective teamwork of specialized professionals. The preparation and training of a Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) is the focus of the Master in Digital Marketing & Communication Management. The Master program is divided into four main areas of competency:

  • Specialized Expertise

The Master offers to both students who already work in the field in roles such as (Content Manager, UX/UI Designer, Web Developer, or Video Maker, etc.) and want to increase their skills and capacity as well as acquire a new role in the sector as students new to the field who want to choose and develop their new professional profile.

  • Mastery Of The Work Process

Overall competency in the process and flow of projects and skillsets necessary. In learning the basic skills and systems, students are able to construct, manage, and execute their projects in the most effective manner. For example, it is not necessary for a DMS to know how to program professionally, however, they must understand the fundamentals of how a programmer operates, as well as their needs and limitations as well as when to give or request assistance. Knowledge of processes is a rare and extremely valuable skill: the Master will train managers capable of orchestrating the skills of the professionals in their teams, enhancing them and aligning them with the goal and success of the project.

  • Project Management

Students will learn the theory and practice of project management, focusing on Agile project management principles that are iterative rather than linear which allows for project structuring, monitoring, and planning involving numerous specialists working on different phases of the project.

  • Creativity

How to use creativity in order to create and nurture innovation and work “outside the box” in approaching challenges and problem-solving. We train our students to create new ideas, solutions, and points of view in order to approach out-of-the-ordinary challenges and situations with creative and innovative solutions. The overall goal is to combine the traditional skills of “creatives”, such as a fervent imagination, lateral thinking, literary and iconographic culture, aesthetic taste, and artistic sensitivity with the ability to dialogue with the public through digital media and fully utilize the opportunities offered by developments in digitization.

What Are The Main Study Areas Of The Master in Digital Marketing & Communication Management?

The Master is conceived as an innovation hub, that fosters an environment of exchange where students alternately engage and utilize theory, practice, and experimentation as part of the learning process as they become new media design experts and professionals. In preparing young professionals, IAAD., recreates what happens in the real world as a fundamental part of the learning process. A distinctive feature of the IAAD., the approach is the integration of collaborative company projects in the learning process. Company projects create a great synergy that brings together the commercial needs of the partner with the educational and experiential needs of the Digital Media student that they will be able to utilize in their future career. This approach allows students to emerge themselves in real-world working conditions where deadlines, changes, customer and client feedback, expectations, and teamwork is not theoretical but the reality of their experiential educational journey.

The Master is divided into six main areas of study:

Computer Science

Communicate With Machines

Focuses on human-machine interaction: Computer Science Basics, Digital network - SEO, Ontology.

Media Management

Communicate With People

Provides the tools and skills related to the creation of digital content: Content Editing, Social Media & Content Management, and Digital Crisis Management.

Interaction Design

Manage Human-Machine-Organization Relationships

The fundamentals of human-machine interaction are part of a user-centered strategy: New Media and Digital Marketing Models, Digital Interfaces.

Web & Mobile Development

Developing Digital Platforms

Acquisition of new skills related to the design and development of digital platforms and mobile applications: Web Platform design and development, Mobile application.

Narrative Models

Multimedia Management/Multisensory Narrative Models

Digital innovation originates from creativity and the use of multisensory narrative models: Audiovisual Broadcasting Design, Immersive Environments.

Project Management

Manage Work Processes

Effective management of processes and workflows is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of every digital project. The final collective thesis project is an opportunity to experiment and utilize both the theoretical and practical concepts and experience the course: Project Management and Agile Methodology and Thesis development.

How Is The Master Structured?

The Master in Digital Marketing & Communication Management is a full-time course in English, lasting ten months. The main objective is to provide participants with the necessary skills to operate and manage projects in a conscious and efficient way in a professional environment characterized by considerable complexity, a strong correlation of the components involved, and a very high rate of change. The Master focuses on the concrete practice of each individual tool or methodology in the different fields of application available: media, marketing (R&D, design, advertising), educational and entertainment.

Academic Policies

The Master is delivered via lectures and workshops from Monday to Saturday, with the possibility of fieldwork or lectures on Sunday. Attendance is mandatory. Active participation in coursework is both expected and fundamental to the successful completion of the program. All assignments and projects are to be delivered on the established due date. Completion of the Master is contingent upon the final thesis project which will be presented by the student to a commission for evaluation. Throughout the academic year, IAAD., will organize visits to companies, exhibitions and museums, special workshops, as well as encounters with relevant professionals. All of these events are mandatory and transport and admission fees are not included in the course tuition.


The final thesis is a real-world project developed in collaboration with an industry partner company. The design process is executed from initial briefings to ongoing meetings and discussions and a final presentation and evaluation of the project with the Partner Company and academic panel. A past example of the thesis project was developed with ARTUR srl - Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta.

Project Work and Internship

Students may choose between completing an individual project (project work) or a 300-hour internship/apprenticeship. The project will be developed from one of the main themes of study with an instructor/ professional who will assign the brief and follow the students’ progress in the research and design phase as well as the final presentation.

Career Service

IAAD., provides students unique access to companies and industry professionals due to the integration of industry and education as the foundation of a IAAD., Master. The IAAD., career service is an exchange between the needs of industry partners and IAAD., graduates as the career service work to benefit both.



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