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Hungarian University of Sports Science

Hungarian University of Sports Science

Hungarian University of Sports Science


The Hungarian University of Sports Science (formerly called the University of Physical Education) is one of the oldest, most successful, and professionally acclaimed universities for education and sports science in Central Europe. We greatly respect and value our legacy, preserve our traditions and continuously explore innovative methods in education and research. The latter meet 21st-century expectations for higher education as well as our students’ expectations of firm knowledge, quality educators, and services, along with great extracurricular experiences. Our management is dedicated to serving generations of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate Hungarian and international students. Our faculty includes globally-renowned educators. Our students and alumni are high achievers in various areas of sports and science.

TE, traditionally called "TF", is the proud home of numerous Olympic champions, great sports coaches, educators, and recreation experts. The TE community provides support throughout the careers of our students and alumni, helping them to aspire personally and professionally and enjoy lifelong career support. TE is currently involved in a major campus reconstruction and expansion project. The infrastructural development runs parallel with substantial development in our educational programs and research portfolio, quality assurance as well as a complex internationalization initiative, including mobility services, English language programs, and strategic institutional partnerships.

As a result of our modern curriculum, multifunctional sports facilities, community spaces, and events, our students enjoy the opportunity to obtain competitive knowledge that meets labor market requirements while accumulating lifelong experiences with unique TE student life. Our dedication also serves larger aspirations of improving the health and wellness of Hungarians and those beyond our borders as well.


The Hungarian University of Sports Science features the preservation of traditions and continuous adaptation at the same time, in line with the criteria of the given age. Although a lot has changed over the years, its traditions live on, filled with new spirits while opening the windows of the University to the world. TE and its faculty, athletes, and alumni are well-known globally for achievements in various areas of the sports profession, and our educators and trainers are respected all around the world.

If one not only wishes to be a great physical education teacher, physiotherapist, coach, sports manager, recreation, human kinesiology, or health science expert but also wishes to pursue a scientific career, the Hungarian University of Sports Science is an ideal choice. This is the only university in Hungary where a Ph.D. degree in sport science can be obtained, and TE serves as a career incubation space as well as lifelong professional support for our students and alumni.

The coaches of a number of Olympic, world, and European champions have completed their studies at the University of Physical Education or its predecessors. Amongst our Honorary Doctors, there are outstanding representatives from international sports diplomacy and sport science.

Quality assurance

The Hungarian University of Sports Science has volunteered to launch, operate and continually improve the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system in order to further increase customer satisfaction and develop our organizational structure, services, and standard.

Certification areas that are continuously monitored include higher education, mature-age education specialized courses, scientific research and development, project-based sport and physical education improvements as well as training and examination systems. The outcomes of the feedback on various services and follow-up analyses have a major impact on future policy-making and planning procedures.

Our University places major emphasis on fostering the labor market-sensitive skills and knowledge of our students.


Facts and figures

  • Established in 1925: the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive center for physical education and activity, sports, and related sciences in Hungary.
  • 2,420 students
  • The highest performance of students at entrance exams, compared to those at other HEIs providing sports programs.
  • Doctoral School in Sport Sciences, unique in Hungary.
  • TE faculty and alumni work as leading members of boards for several national sports associations and serve as head coaches in the national leagues in various fields of sport and are selected as prestigious members of international sports bodies.
  • Our educators and alumni have strategic roles in the reorganized Hungarian national sports administration.
  • TE provides globally-acclaimed degrees.
  • EU and international policy and professional development in Sport and PE, including Dual Career, Good Governance, Volunteering, and Social Inclusion.
  • Numerous international agreements, and a widespread global network, including 22 Erasmus partners in 43 countries.
  • Membership in major professional sports organizations.
  • Fully-enclosed campus with 16 sports facilities and laboratories, with a major ongoing reconstruction and expansion project.
  • Practice-oriented training programs.
  • The International Coaching Course offers training for over 20 sports out of the 28 Olympic sports and receives students from every country in the world.
  • National Student Scientific (OTDK) participants in recent years, awards 3 golden medals, 2 silver, and 1 bronze as of 2015.
  • Life-long support over the whole career.
  • Student satisfaction with educational and other services at TE: 4 out of 5 (January 2016).
  • Student satisfaction with educators’ performance: 4.22 out of 5 (January 2016).
  • Graduate satisfaction: the majority of graduates would recommend TE to others.
  • Graduate employment: TE graduates draw the highest comparative income among Hungarian HEIs of similar programs.

Institutional chronology

  • 1925-1945: Hungarian Royal College of Physical Education
  • 1945-1985: College of Physical Education (TF)
  • 1985-2000: Hungarian University of Physical Education (TF)
  • 2000-2014: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (TF), Semmelweis University
  • 2014-2021: University of Physical Education (TE), Budapest
  • 2021- Hungarian University of Sports Science


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