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Hungarian University Of Fine Arts

Hungarian University Of Fine Arts

Hungarian University Of Fine Arts


The Hungarian University of Fine Arts provides education and training to the future actors of the Hungarian cultural scene in all areas of the visual arts.

Our institution, during the course of its history, has preserved the traditional basis on which its educational program has been founded, while also seeking and cultivating continuous renewal, as evidenced by our new departments which began their operation in congruity with the fresh trends of contemporary arts in the past few decades.

In addition to practical training, theoretical subjects comprise a fundamental component of education at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Extending far beyond a general scope, a firm background in the specialized visual art-related branches of history, theory, sociology and psychology are of indispensable importance for our students. A high standard training for such a gifted group of students (chosen from an immense pool of applicants) demands more than a general grasp of art theory: it requires a strong theoretical grounding that is worthy of our students’ abilities and organically relates to the particularities of visual art.


  • Budapest

    Andrássy út,69-71, 1062, Budapest