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Hsiuping University Of Science

Hsiuping University Of Science

Hsiuping University Of Science


Teacher-student brotherhood cooperation is like family

Only a warm and exquisite campus, and the ethics of teachers and students with siblings, can nurture new humans with sound body and mind, morality and intelligence. The young people who grew up in Xiuping are open-minded, optimistic, and enterprising people on earth.

The most specialized technology with a humane heart in mind

Humanity means respect and love for human culture and civilization. All the most specialized industrial technologies should have this kind of humanistic connotation, and mankind has new hope. The talents cultivated by Xiuping are not only elites in industrial technology but also intelligent people with rich humanistic qualities.

Combining industry, government, and academia to improve competitiveness

Academia must communicate closely with industry, and even with the government, in order to grasp the latest information, understand future trends, and cultivate the most useful talents. Xiuping people who step into society are definitely highly competitive technical people.


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