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Fresenius University of Applied Sciences International Management (M.A.)
Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

International Management (M.A.)

4 Semesters


Full time



As globalization eradicates borders and digitalization prompts industries and societies to form closer and more fluid networks, a management mindset is becoming increasingly valuable, regardless of discipline. Musicians want to strategically plan releases, pharmacists need to consider entering foreign markets, and doctors are asked to manage budgets. In this market, experts are those who combine in-depth knowledge of their industry with intercultural leadership skills, an understanding of organizational processes, and the ability to think economically, dynamically and based on solutions. If you want to become one of these experts but did not gain specialized economic expertise through your Bachelor’s study program, the Master’s program in International Management (M.A.) (for Non-Business Graduates) will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.

This English-language program is right for everyone with a Bachelor’s degree in a non-business field who wishes to gain additional economic expertise or switch to a management career.

The program provides a broad portfolio of economic and management skills as well as important intercultural and interdisciplinary knowledge. After graduation, you will have many career prospects in all economic sectors and in non-economic fields.


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