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The city of Ebetsu, roughly at the center of the Ishikari plain in Hokkaido, is on the eastern border of Sapporo, the prefectural capital. The population is about 120 thousand. The Ebetsu’s residential area is in harmony with the rich natural environment, which includes Nopporo Forest Park. This harmony renders the surroundings ideal for living. Dotted with several universities including HOKUSHO, Ebetsu is also a city of education.

Many of our students commute from the Greater Sapporo area since it is only about a 15-minute train ride from JR Sapporo Station to JR Oasa Station, which is close to HOKUSHO UNIVERSITY.

Hokkai Dress Maker Girls’ School, the forerunner of HOKUSHO UNIVERSITY, was established in Sapporo in 1939. In an era in Japan when it was not common for women to work as men did in society, the school started with a progressive founding principle: “Aiming to improve the social standing of women, our students will be trained in occupational skills and a wide range of education suitable for women so that they can become independent members of society.”

Women’s junior college was established in 1963, and in 1966 it was relocated to Ebetsu, the current location of the university, for the expansion of the area of campus. Departments were set up for fashion art, arts and crafts, physical education, primary education, and management information and, in 2000, the women’s college became a coeducational university and junior college.

As we enter a new era, we will further pursue solid education and maintain the fine traditions of the university, under the educational philosophy of “love, harmony, and wisdom,”


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