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Hogeschool iPabo

Hogeschool iPabo

Hogeschool iPabo


Hogeschool iPabo is a mono-graduate university of applied sciences with two locations, Amsterdam and Alkmaar. The university college provides training, refresher courses and research in the field of teachers and managers in primary education.

The Amsterdam office is located in the middle of a multicultural neighborhood. That gives a focus to our thoughts and actions; We link up with the specific (learning) needs and the experience of students from very diverse cultural backgrounds, we develop joint bonding and promote active citizenship and social integration. The Alkmaar office focuses in particular on education in the province. There is a great demand for a contemporary integrated child care facility, and smart solutions must be sought where population is shrinking. Primary school appears to be the beating heart of liveable villages. Really integral thinking with the child as a starting point is central to this.


  • Amsterdam

    Jan Tooropstraat,136, 1061 AD, Amsterdam