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Hijiyama University


The origin of Hijiyama University and Hijiyama Junior College, whose name comes from the small, green hill located in the center of Hiroshima City, dates back to the 1939 establishment of Hiroshima Showa Women's Middle School, specially designated as a teacher training school for the students of Hiroshima University of Literature and Science (currently National University Corporation, Hiroshima University).

The founding philosophy of our institution is 'To strive for the traditional Japanese ideal of Permanence in Life." This philosophy is symbolized in the name of Hijiyama, a precious landmark to the citizens of Hiroshima, that has been sending out messages about the rich and peaceful coexistence of nature and human beings, and the universal value of art and culture.

Hijiyama University and Hijiyama Junior College are now making radical educational reforms and coping flexibly with the changes of the times and society. We are promoting education and research which are closely related to the local area, and sending out people who can contribute to creating a rich local society.

Our university is located on the beautiful hillside called Amazu which commands a splendid view of Ota River, another spiritual landmark to the citizens of Hiroshima. The winds which blow across the surface of the river carry various messages in tune with the four seasons. Likewise, on the Amazu campus a wind called "the Wind of Hijiyama" is blowing and carrying the messages we want to convey to you. It is our sincere wish that, with your young and fresh sensibility, you will find this "Hijiyama Wind" while enjoying your campus life of lectures, seminars, and extracurricular activities. We also hope that you will create a new Hijiyama Wind which is worthy of the twenty-first century. We firmly believe that this "Hijiyama Wind" will continue to blow as a favorable wind in your mind and heart to help you make your dreams come true for your whole life


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