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Haute Ecole En Hainaut

Haute Ecole En Hainaut

Haute Ecole En Hainaut


The HEH is tailor-made support and perfect training to allow you to develop in the career of your choice! Engineer? Teacher ? Social worker ? Travel agent ? Or something else entirely? Perfect ! Join us !

The Haute Ecole En Hainaut , organized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, offers local education provided by motivated teachers on our Mons and Tournai campuses. Due to the specificity of the institutions that make it up, the HEH favors a relationship with a human dimension: we encourage the success of each student thanks to individualized support throughout their training. To promote the development of its three thousand students, our university offers a wide range of bachelor's and master's degree courses in four teaching categories: economic, social, pedagogical and technical.


  • Mons

    Rue Pierre-Joseph Duménil,4, 7000, Mons