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Harbin Engineering University (HEU) Master in Power Machinery and Engineering
Harbin Engineering University (HEU)

Master in Power Machinery and Engineering

Harbin, China

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Sep 2024

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Master in Power Machinery and Engineering

Marine Engine Engineering is a synthetical discipline of advanced science and technology, centralized on thermal, mechanical, electrical and automation engineering to train excellent students who deal with design, maintenance, management and research on ship power plants.

There are more than 50 research projects (including 30 of them were completed, 20 of them had awards from the government and 20 of them are conducting now) and total funds of them are 76.25 Million RMB. In the tenth five year plan of developing, this discipline is the stress construction discipline of our University, pursuing research on the internal combustion engine, gas turbine engine, and combined power plants. The master students of Marine Engine take part in these researches. There are five important laboratories: marine internal combustion engine lab, marine power plant vibration & noise control lab, combined power plant lab, steam power plant lab, and special power plant lab. In this discipline, there is some application software also. These facilities are the research basements for training the masters.

The particular requirements are as following: to master the main fundamental theory and systemic specialty knowledge of this discipline; to understand the present condition, developing directions and developed trends of this discipline in China and abroad; to master one foreign language; to have some ability of testing, measuring, data analyzing and computer application as well as programming.

The training of Master students is deeper both in the basic theories and selected courses than Bachelor students. The thesis of Master students is more difficult, more substance and higher requirements. The ability of graduated Master students at the positions of research, design, manufacturing, teaching, and management of this discipline is stronger than the graduated Bachelor students.

Research Fields

  • Power Machinery Structure & Design
  • Power Machinery Working Process & Discharge
  • Power MachineryAutomatic Control & TestTechnology
  • Power Machinery Vibration & Noise Control

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