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Harbin Engineering University (HEU) Master Degree of Engineering in Optical Engineering
Harbin Engineering University (HEU)

Master Degree of Engineering in Optical Engineering

Harbin, China

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Sep 2024

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MEng Degree in Optical Engineering

This Optical Engineering discipline is Master degree conferring site, there are 3 professors, 2 doctor tutors and 1 master tutors. Though the discipline was granted the right of conferring M.E until the year 1996, the fibre technology academy was founded in 1985, it became the few teaching and researching site of Chinese universities (It is the single site that research fibre in north-east China). Much technology has stored in science and research field. In recent years, fibre transmission theory, fiber apparatus and fiber sensors are in developing. Several national defence pre-research funds and other funds are undertaken.

The discipline bears the responsibility of cultivating high-level intellects and teaching and research in fibre field. 5 projects of national and ministry level and 2 projects of industry sectors are undertaken, several leading research results have got in these years. Over 30 papers are published in important journals and conferences such as “Electrical Journal”, “Communication Journal”, “Photics Journal” and “Acoustics Journal”, etc. 7 papers have been indexed by SCI、EI、ISTP. 2 academy books had been published and a research group has come into being. Lab for teaching and researching is: Fiber and sensor lab. The discipline has opened 6-degree courses and required major courses for M.Eng and D.Eng candidates.

Research Fields

-- Fiber Sensing, Transmission and Information Processing Technology

-- Application of Optical Information Technology in Communication and Microcomputer


Degree Courses

  • Chinese
  • General Survey of China
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Advanced Physical Optics
  • Measure, Detection and Sensing Technology

Required Courses

  • Professional literature reading
  • Interface and signal processing of fibre sensor
  • Fiber communication theory
  • Interferential fibre sensing Technology

Elective Courses

  • Light waveguide theory
  • Modern Digital modulation and demodulation Technology
  • Modern fibre communication technology generality
  • Queue theory
  • Principle and design of fibre LAN
  • Modern signal processing
  • Digital image processing
  • Design of advanced MCU
  • Design of communication software
  • Interferential fibre sensor
  • Image Transmission

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