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Hanbat National University

Hanbat National University

Hanbat National University


Soon to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Hanbat National University strives to move forward with today’s fast-changing society. The hyper-connected world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution leads to new knowledge and technology, which are attained through creative education and research-based on critical thinking. This new knowledge must be used wisely to lead to change and innovation in society.

With its vision to become a ‘Glocal industry-university cooperation university creating future values’, HBNU will serve the demands of this changing society. As a leading national university in the region, we will take the lead in solving problems in the local community, and solidify our cooperation with industries, creating new values and knowledge assets that can produce wealth in the industry.

HBNU will also strive to nurture talent that accommodates the demands of this new society. Based on our focus on integrity, communication, pragmatism, problem-solving skills, global perspectives, and leadership, our students will grow to become ethical, creative, and global professionals. To that end, we will, as a platform university creating new knowledge, provide top-class facilities and educational content.


  • Daejeon

    Daejeon, South Korea