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Hanazono University

Hanazono University

Hanazono University


Hanazono University is located in the ancient city of Kyoto. Kyoto flourished as the capital of Japan for over a thousand years, from 794 to 1868. The city is famous for ancient temples and wooden structures that were built in the Heian to Kamakura periods (8th to 14th centuries) and are preserved today in their original splendor. Kyoto is also well known as an academic city filled with students and researchers, with approximately 40 universities and junior colleges located throughout the city.

Hanazono University was established in 1872 by Myoshinji Temple (founded in 1337) of the Rinzai Zen sect of Buddhism. The university is comprised of the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Social Welfare that embody the founding “spirit of Zen.”


  • Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan