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The ultimate purpose of university education is to cultivate the talents that society needs. What type of talent does society require? Will the people being educated today be useful tomorrow? What social change is expected and how should schools respond? These are some of the questions that we, as a university, need to ask ourselves. The era of ‘100-year life’ and the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ is upon us. Many of the current jobs will disappear, and new jobs will be created. Everyone will be able to work until the age of 70-80 in multiple jobs. Convergence and integration will occur in every industry and discipline, with boundaries being crossed between the humanities and sciences. Staying a step ahead of this trend, Hallym has already implemented a mandatory double major system, offering a wide range of convergence majors through multidisciplinary schools. However, such structural reform is only a prerequisite for success. Our efforts will not succeed unless we move forward and before others.


  • Chuncheon-si

    Chuncheon-si, South Korea


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