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H. A. Barcelo Foundation | Fundacion

H. A. Barcelo Foundation | Fundacion

H. A. Barcelo Foundation | Fundacion


At Fundación Barceló we encourage our graduates to be leaders in the field of Health Sciences with defined social values ​​in the context of democracy, humanism and ethics . From their first subjects, students are immersed in the challenging world of health, being stimulated to develop critical thinking and to commit to the reality with which they interact.

In our Faculty, dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Health Sciences, we have teachers committed and ingrained with the current paradigms of medical education and with an adequate level of training that enables them to truly operate as agents of change. We provide a training that combines theory and practice from the beginning of the career, with a curriculum designed to train future leaders in a conceptual reality of increasing complexity that they have to face and that is multifaceted and interdisciplinary. We promote the participation of students in research and stimulate active learning including tutorial methods, with close contact between teachers and students, in addition to developing exchange programs with universities around the world within the framework of their internationalization.


  • La Rioja

    Benjamín Matienzo,3177, F5300, La Rioja