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Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

GSD Webinar 2023

Dr. Athar Sultan Khan : Real Diplomacy by Dialogue in Conflict Resolution



Developing better world leadership and a more compassionate world, for understanding the world around us – past, present, and future – and influencing that world in a humanitarian direction, is what the Geneva School of Diplomacy is all about.

The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD) establishes the foundation of a stimulating and cosmopolitan atmosphere which fosters the exchange of ideas, research, teaching, and the integration of students into the world’s most diplomatic community.

The high quality of education is presented by our distinguished faculty - of renowned professors, ambassadors, statesmen, and stateswomen - selected for their professional and academic excellence and humanitarian commitment alike. They instruct, research, and publish in both classic and cutting-edge areas in the field of International Relations. Their teaching methodology is practice-oriented, ultimately preparing students for highly rewarding careers in international affairs.

GSD offers highly competitive programmes specializing in International Relations at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels. As part of the curriculum, we help provide our students with unique internship opportunities within the surrounding International Organizations and NGOs. The Geneva School of Diplomacy has traditionally focused on training world-class international public and private sector leaders who will influence the world in a humanitarian direction.

Located at the very heart of the international community, GSD creates a unique opportunity to interact with global governance actors through a number of specialized seminars (delivered by key experts and scholars from leading universities and international organizations). Our purpose is to prepare future leaders for their roles on the world stage to advance peace and human rights.

Based on its core values, GSD provides high-quality, praxis-oriented education, with a commitment to student support, and promotes a philosophy rooted in the School’s motto ‘Serviendo Guberno’ – that to govern is to serve.

All degree programmes are entirely held in English.

We look forward to sharing the Geneva School of Diplomacy experience with you.


Visa Requirements

On our respective programmes pages, you will find useful information on admission requirements, how to prepare your application, and how we can assist you during this process. For Non-EU applicants, please apply at least 6 months before the intake as the visa and/or permit application process may take up to 4 months. Late applications may be considered on a case-to-case basis; please consult our Admissions Office for assessment.

For EU/EFTA citizens, you still need to apply for a residence permit to study in Switzerland. We therefore strongly advise you, once you are admitted, to get in close contact with our Admissions Office. You will be assisted with the requirements and official documents, which are essential in the visa application process. We strongly advise you not to request your visa without prior approval from the Admissions Office.

Although GSD is committed to assisting students with immigration procedures and the completion of their applications, please note that GSD has no legal capacity to intervene with the authorities. It is a student’s responsibility to fulfill legal obligations to obtain immigration approval.

Note: Apply for a visa only after completing the enrolment procedure. Failing to do so may lead to the refusal of your visa from the immigration office.

Scholarships and Funding

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Financial Aid programme0 USDJune 30, 2023

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