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Gori State Teaching University Master of Georgian Literature History
Gori State Teaching University

Master of Georgian Literature History

Gori, Georgia

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Aug 2024

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The educational program aims to form a person with a high degree of civic and individual qualities and a democratic mindset with a master's degree in Georgian literature history. Based on the study of Georgian literature, the program will provide students with in-depth and systematic knowledge of the crucial processes in Georgian literature from the fifth century to the present; It will develop the professional skills that will ensure their decent employment in the field of literary studies or continuing their studies at the next level of higher education - doctoral studies.

Holder of a Master's degree in History of Georgian Literature can continue their studies at the third level of teaching - Doctorate, or work in research institutes of various profiles, educational institutions, libraries, archives and museums, publishing houses, editors of magazines and newspapers, editors As an expert in travel agencies, etc.

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