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The Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights


The Global Campus of Human Rights is an inter-disciplinary centre of excellence supported by the EU, aiming at pursuing the continued promotion of human rights and democratisation through education, specialised training, and research cooperation worldwide through a network of regional partners. Its main headquarters are based in Venice, Italy and the regional partner’s headquarters are based in Argentina, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, South Africa, and Thailand.

This large network, whose overall composition includes 100 prestigious universities, is the largest university network in the world specialised on human rights and democracy issues. Its partners are renowned worldwide for their leading role in education, research and advocacy in human rights and democratisation.


The mission of the Global Campus is to develop as a strategic hub for the advancement, interconnection and coordination of key human resources and expertise in the area of human rights in all regions of the world, working with stakeholders at the governmental, inter-governmental and civil society levels.


In addition to the academic institutions, key partners of the Global Campus are the European Union, the local, regional and national authorities cooperating with the Global Campus universities in the respective countries, as well as international and non-governmental organisations active in the areas of human rights and democratisation.


  • Venice

    Global Campus of Human Rights Headquarters Monastery of San Nicolò Riviera San Nicolò 26, I-30126 , Venice