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GANEXA University of Arts

GANEXA University of Arts

GANEXA University of Arts


In 1979, a group of art students approached Maestro Ricaurte Martínez during an exhibition at the gallery, El Marco Mundial, in order to ask him to give private watercolor classes. The first lessons were received at the Pro-Artes Gallery. After six months, ninety students learned various drawing and painting techniques.

In 1997 the first bachelor in the art of the Republic opened its doors, an idea that is welcomed by the National Institute of Culture in several of its art schools. In 1998, the programs changed from Technician to Superior Technician, increasing the workload and updating content, approaching what would later become a higher University level. Ganexa continues under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education until 2000, when it begins its transformation as a University, achieving four years later, the approval of all its degrees.

In 2006 he opened the Gastronomy career and in 2013 he began the approval process for Diplomas and Masters.


  • Panama City

    Panama City, Panama