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Galatasaray University

Galatasaray University

Galatasaray University


A distinctive past of more than 500 years in education and training: Galatasaray University. Galatasaray University was first established in 1481 by Sultan Beyazit II as an “Enderun School” (Imperial School) and was called the “Galata Sarayı” (‘Galata Palace’). The institution started in the same premises of the present Galatasaray High School to train civil servants for various ranks in the state administration. In those days, the best students of secondary schools were sent to the Enderun School. The word ‘Palace’, in the name ‘Galata Palace’, referred indeed to the state, identified with the imperial palace. Galatasaray is the only educational institution in Turkey maintaining its reputation, traditional structure, and mission.


  • Istanbul

    Çırağan Cad. No:36, 34349, Istanbul