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Future University Hakodate

Future University Hakodate

Future University Hakodate


Future University Hakodate is located on a hill overlooking the city of Hakodate with a spectacular view of Mt. Hakodate and the Tsugaru straight. Hakodate has a long history dating back to the Jomon Period 5,000 years ago. Its experience of the trade, war, and the opening of an international port in Edo to Meiji Period transition, and its subsequent role as the gateway to the development of Hokkaido have formed its unique history and culture. Future University Hakodate, which is located in this beautiful and fertile land, wishes to inherit the pioneer spirit to explore unknown fields. As a “Regional Center for Knowledge Creation” of Hakodate and South Hokkaido areas, Future University Hakodate aims to create a sustainable society for people to lead better lives.

Future University Hakodate, as a public university, pledges to offer pride, trust, and love to the community, through student education, regional problem solving, and promotion of industrial and cultural activities. Information Science is now relevant to every aspect of human life. Future University Hakodate pursues our original education and research-based upon the foundation of Information Science and the philosophy of “Designing Society.”


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