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FURB University Of Blumenau

FURB University Of Blumenau

FURB University Of Blumenau


It is the first college in the interior of the state of Santa Catarina and was created in 1964, as a result of a community movement, to make access to higher education more comprehensive. The objective that the Regional University of Blumenau continues to accomplish throughout its history and achieved by more than 40 thousand professionals graduated by FURB.

On February 13, 1986, by Ministerial Decree No. 117, Higher Education, maintained by FURB, is recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education as a University.

From March 1995, by the Municipal Complementary Law nº 80, the Regional University of Blumenau appears as a Higher Education Institution created and maintained by the Regional University Foundation of Blumenau - FURB, included as an autonomous organ in the administrative structure of the Municipal Executive Power, an official institution of public law.

Since March 19, 2010, by means of Municipal Complementary Law No. 743, FURB is a special regime municipal authority, with full didactic-scientific, administrative and financial and patrimonial management autonomy, according to its Statute, under the terms of art. . 207 of the Federal Constitution.


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