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Fukuoka Institute Of Technology

Fukuoka Institute Of Technology

Fukuoka Institute Of Technology


Fukuoka Institute of Technology is known for its strong features of the best employment rate among private universities in Kyushu and the attentive education that it provides, as stated in our motto, “For all the students!”. At FIT, all of our faculty and staff work together as a team to support each and every student, as if they were their own child, to broaden their possibilities for the future. We also make a commitment to contribute to manufacturing industries in the Kyushu area by collaborating with local communities and companies. We consider the question, “What can be done only by human beings in this modern society with the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence?”. Our answer is that people should have the ability to find and solve problems by completing the tasks that are necessary to succeed. The key to open up the future is the intelligent productive power of humans. We believe that our students should pursue the depth of something that they really like to do rather than seeking useful skills right away. To find passion is essential for manufacturing, which will be the origin of eternal energy.

Please make the best use of FIT’s educational environment in order to find your passion and follow your dream. We encourage you to have wide interests to explore different fields so that you can have a variety of perspectives that will lead to flexible ideas. Join group activities, like clubs, by all means, to build your own network, which will become a great asset. A real engineer who owns the future is a person with good manners, flexibility, and knowledge. Aiming to be the best educational hub in Kyushu, we will be your reliable supporter who will support to make your dreams come true in your future, even after 10 years from the day you graduate from FIT.


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