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Your years at college should be “life-changing” ones. We believe that they will be in Five Towns. Whether you are planning to study music, film/video, theatre arts, audio, education, business, music business, or mass communication, you will find yourself working with inspired and dedicated faculty and with gifted students every day.
What makes Five Towns College distinctive? We think it is our devotion to creativity, no matter what field you pursue. If you are considering Five Towns, be sure to see one of our theatrical performances or concerts and judge for yourself the level of our proficiency and uniqueness. Take a tour of our facilities and see the MIDI, MAC and PC labs, the film/video and television studios, or the three audio studios, where musical recordings, films, and other artistic work take place.
International Scholarships International students accepted to Five Towns College are eligible to receive an international scholarship ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 USD per year. These scholarships are based on talent and/or merit and are remunerable based on the scholarship criteria set forth in the awards letter. These scholarships are awarded at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
Our Mission Five Towns College orchestrates a lifelong pursuit of learning that fosters a commitment to ethical, intellectual, and social values. Dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and scholarship, the College celebrates the worlds of music, media, business, teaching, the performing arts, and the entertainment industry. By integrating rigorous academic inquiry, research, and practical experience, the College prepares graduates to be articulate and imaginative participants in our democratic society. Five Towns College nourishes in its students a global perspective through distinctive curricula that combine content expertise with a general education program. By bringing students and faculty together in a creative community, the College facilitates an environment that respects both individuality and diversity, while challenging students to expand their unique talents to the fullest.


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