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The Academic Master's in Administration of the Postgraduate Program in Administration at the Federal University of Sergipe (PROPADM / UFS) was created in 2011, having started its activities through the Temporary Association (AT) modality with the Postgraduate Program in Administration of the Federal University of Pernambuco (PROPAD / UFPE). Founded in its rapid adaptation and development provided by the institutional experiences shared with PROPAD / UFPE, AT was closed in 2014, reflecting the interest in consolidating the directions of PROPADM in terms of commitments to the qualified training of masters, intellectual production, and social insertion.

PROPADM is the only stricto sensu program in Administration in the state of Sergipe and in a large surrounding region that involves the state of Alagoas and part of the state of Bahia, with the objective of training master professionals with the capacity to conduct studies and research, propose solutions, as well as developing new research in the area of ​​Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, thus reconciling the skills of the faculty with regional needs and demands.

Over its 9 years, PROPADM / UFS has awarded 82 masters who carry out different activities, especially linked to teaching in higher education and research, at federal, private universities and research institutes, in the state of Sergipe, and in other states of the Federation. In addition, they work in management positions in the public service and in market-oriented organizations. This reality underscores the Program's commitment to the qualified training of teachers, researchers, and managers; and, above all, its contribution to the regional, and in some cases, national, economic, social, and cultural development through the performance of professionals who graduated from public organizations, market-oriented companies, technical and higher education. What, in essence,

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