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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for University of West Bohemia

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for University of West Bohemia

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for University of West Bohemia


We provide our students with quality education, develop their skills and show them possible ways forward so that they can conquer the world around them.

The Alma Mater of Thousands of Successful Students

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest faculties in Pilsen and has proved its indispensable position in this industrial city for over 70 years. The long tradition of Škoda plants in Pilsen laid an excellent foundation for technical education, which together with the latest technologies and knowledge paved the way for the creation of a modern, open educational institution widely recognized in science and research and sought after by leading companies for cooperation.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering trains highly qualified professionals in accredited study programs who are in great demand on the labor market. We draw inspiration for the content of our study fields mainly from cooperation with industrial practice and cooperation with universities at home and abroad.

The Faculty has dozens of contacts with universities around the world. Many of these contacts and projects enable our lecturers and students to work or study abroad at universities and companies, bringing new knowledge and experience back with them to our academic environment.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has accredited research programs and doctoral study programs. It also conducts habilitation and professorship procedures.

Why Study with us?

Simply because being able to study technology is absolutely great! It will give you a wonderful start to a successful career, help you find interesting and promising employment, and maybe your work will even become your hobby. Studying technology will improve your skills, not just your knowledge. Computer programming will take your work one step higher, and you will be able to design and learn to think like an engineer when you are solving problems. We believe that our leadership will provide you with everything you need to invent and produce amazing things yourself.

And what else?

If you are interested in computer modeling, virtual reality, computer simulations, industrial design, medical and automotive technology, trains and trams, advanced materials, or management techniques, then you’ve found the right place! And for you who are not yet sure what you would like to study, we can advise you and offer suitable study specializations. You will make new friends at the University and maybe even build a new model of a formula racing car together, or you can enrich your education with an internship at one of our partner universities around the world.

And my career?

There is an enormous demand for engineering students, and if you add a global language to your skills, you can choose from well-paid job offers around the world.

Faculty Life

The Faculty organizes annual events for its students, some for the entire University and some only for Faculty students. At the beginning of the semester, introductory events are held for freshers on the Faculty campus. Students can meet in a friendly, informal environment with their older classmates, as well as with the Dean of the Faculty at a concert of student bands.

Throughout your studies, we organize tours and competitions with the Department of Physical Education and Sport. During the holidays, the University organizes summer schools and our Department of Physical Education and Sport suburban camps, which you can help run.


  • More than 70 years of tradition
  • 6 departments
  • 950 + students
  • 10,000 + graduates
  • The school recommended by employers 2018, 2019 (3rd place)
  • Modern university campus
  • Regional Technological Institute (RTI)
  • Energy Research Centre
  • Close connections with industry


    • Pilsen

      Univerzitní,8, 301 00, Pilsen


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