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Eastern Virginia Medical School

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Eastern Virginia Medical School


For more than four decades, Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) has been the place for aspiring physicians and health professionals, passionate educators, and medical pioneers. In the 1960s, civic leaders in Hampton Roads sought to improve care in the region and created a bold dream to build a medical school. Thanks to determination and community commitment, EVMS opened its doors in 1973, forever transforming the landscape of health care in Hampton Roads. Today, EVMS holds an honored position in American history as one of the only schools of medicine and health professions in the nation to be founded by a grassroots effort. The institution's steady growth from just 23 medical students to an organization with a more than $1.2 billion annual economic impact is an inspiring testament to what vision, community commitment, and innovation can accomplish.

At EVMS, we are dedicated to serving the community that created us. We educate the next generation of exceptional medical and healthcare professionals. We provide outstanding patient care for the residents of our region. We conduct research to improve healthcare outcomes for our local community and communities the world over. Our graduates, investigators, and physicians are expanding our global influence. Learn how our impact benefits Hampton Roads.


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