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European Public Health Master

Seven renowned European universities, all recognized as centres of excellence in public health higher education, are collaborating to deliver Europubhealth+.

In addition to the award of a double Master’s degree, students will get to study in at least 2 different countries, in up to 3 languages (English, Spanish and French).

Emphasizing at its core the urgent need to build sustainable health systems while addressing health inequalities, Europubhealth+ will keep providing multidisciplinary training in a unique multicultural environment. The consortium will be greatly supported in this endeavor by an exceptional network of associated partners representing public health services, international organizations, NGOs and higher education institutions from Europe and beyond.

The Europubhealth+ Master programme has been recognized by the European Commission as "Master of excellence" since 2006 and it was awarded the Best Practice Award for Excellence in Public Health Education and Training by ASPHER in 2018.

More than 435 graduates from 86 different nationalities now form a strong interdisciplinary and international network of public health professionals, which only intends to grow further.

Coordinating Institution

  • EHESP School of Public Health - Rennes (France)

The EHESP School of Public Health was created in 1945 to provide France with an outstanding, internationally recognized School of Public Health. It is a public institution with a dual role of education and research in public health and social welfare. It encourages synergies between public health and management cultures.

The EHESP is the coordinating institution of the Europubhealth+ consortium. It will be delivering to Europubhealth+ students:

  • an integration module (3 weeks) in English language at the end of each academic year on its main campus in Rennes.
  • a second year specialisation in "Health Promotion and Prevention" in French language in Rennes.
  • two second year specialisations in "Environemental and Occupational Health Sciences" and "Advanced Biostatistics and Epidemiology" in English language in Rennes.


  • Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) - University of Granada, Spain
  • School of Medicine and Population Health - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP) - Rennes, France
  • Institute of Public Health - Jagiellonian University Medical College of Krakow, Poland
  • Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences - Maastricht University, The Netherlands
  • School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science - University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Faculty of Medicine - University of Liege, Belgium

Associated Partners

(not delivering degree)

  • Public Health England, Leeds (United Kingdom)
  • National Institute of Public health - National Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw (Poland)
  • Sante Publique France, Paris (France)
  • International Association of National Public Health Institutes, Paris (France)
  • European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies - WHO European Center for Health Policy, Brussels (Belgium)
  • ASPHER - Association of Schools of Public Health in the European region, Brussels (Belgium)
  • ESPUM – School of Public Health of the University of Montreal (Canada)
  • Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • ISALUD University, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • School of Public Health - National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managa (Nicaragua)
  • School of Public Health - University of Ghana, Accra (Ghana)


  • Rennes

    École des hautes études en santé publique (EHESP) 15 avenue du professeur Léon Bernard, 35043, Rennes

    • Granada

      Escuela andaluza de salud pública (EASP) Cuesta del Observatorio, 4, , 18080 , Granada

      • Sheffield

        School of Medicine and Population Health Barber House, 387 Glossop Road, S10 2TN, Sheffield

        • Kraków

          Institute of Public Health Jagiellonian University Medical College Grzergorzecka 20, 31-531, Kraków

          • Maastricht

            Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences Universiteitssingel, 60. 3rd Floor - 6229 ER , , Maastricht

            • Dublin

              School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science Belfield, Dublin 4, Dublin 4, Dublin

              • Liège

                Faculté de médecine Quartier Hôpital, Avenue Hippocrate, 4000, Liège