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European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST

MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

18 Months


Full time

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EUR 13,500 / per year *


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Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have emerged as one of the most influential discoveries in the world of data science and machine learning. Applications of AI in robotics rover from inside to outside of the heavy-duty industry settings i.e. automating tasks that otherwise needed immense human effort and of course time. Over the last few years, AI’s increasing presence in robotic solutions has opened room for flexibility and learning capabilities in formerly rigid robotic solutions.

Robotics being an amalgamation of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science when merged with Artificial intelligence changes the way the field of robotics in a very significant way.

This program would enable students to embrace the concepts of artificial intelligence and understand their extension to robotics. Students will work on projects involving the development of facial recognition systems and manipulation.

The ESDST MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics is directed at making our learners fluent in developing AI models suited to Robotics being used in day-to-day life in major industries globally.

The program is directed at enabling students to understand Artificial Intelligence with respect to robotics. Students will thoroughly understand statistics, programming, and AI concepts as applied to robotics. It would equip them with the necessary skills in Python, required libraries, and AI algorithms to suit the robotics applications such as gesture mapping, movements etc.

Every student of ESDST is assisted by an industry-specific mentor. The mentor is responsible for guiding the students through the courses and offering them experiential and core learning with real-life examples.

After the end of this program students will be able to:

  • gain root-level understanding of AI concepts.
  • understand the origin, evolution, growth, and application of robotics.
  • develop programming skills and develop AI algorithms suiting robotics using Python.
  • build mathematical and statistical knowledge



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