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EU-CONEXUS - European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability Joint Master Programme in Marine Biotechnology
EU-CONEXUS - European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability

Joint Master Programme in Marine Biotechnology

2 Years


Full time

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EUR 9,000 **


* 1st Round: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

** non-EU citizens


This joint Masters programme in Marine Biotechnology is an integrated multidisciplinary programme offered within the framework of one of the first transnational European universities.

The programme provides the student with a high-quality academic education, building professional competences in the area of marine biotechnology (also called blue biotechnology) and helping to address its global challenges.

It will ensure that students:

  • essential interdisciplinary training in key topics related to Marine Biotechnology;
  • opportunities to specialise within one of the four thematical tracks: (1) Innovative Bioproducts for Future; (2) Blue Biomass; (3) Marine Biorefinery; (4) Aquaculture Biotechnology;
  • a tailored study programme according to their aspirations via individual professional practice (internship), individual research (academic research integration) and thesis work.

This Marine Biotechnology Masters gives the student multiple travel options within the alliance.

Students are integrated into a multicultural study group and a professional network, offering an immersive system of project-based learning in the ‘real world’ economy.


Learn from the best

Enrol and be inspired by our team of specialist thematic researchers. Participate in cutting edge research in blue biotechnology. Learn from leading industry experts bringing real work experience into the classes. Tackling marine biotechnology challenges through multidisciplinary understanding.

Studies with no border – be part of something bigger

Study in European Universities from different countries. Participate in trans-national research teams. Gain a Joint Masters Degree awarded by a European University Alliance and recognisable by six European Universities. Create your own European network for marine biotechnology. Custom-build your marine biotechnology career through four specialisation tracks.

International study campus

Enjoy a range of social and sporting activities. Experiment at least three different countries culture and lifestyles.

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