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ESUMER University Institution

ESUMER University Institution

ESUMER University Institution


Esumer's pedagogical model has been the result of a collective construction with the participation of the academic community, particularly teachers, students, and graduates, and with the methodological support of international experts.

The ESUMER University Institution aims to preserve, develop and promote knowledge in the economic-administrative fields, through research, teaching, and extension activities, carried out in undergraduate and graduate higher education programs, aimed at developing skills. human resources and professionals of people, in the scientific, humanistic, labor and prospective fields, with an integral character to act within the globalization process and be actors in favor of the preservation of the environment, proactively appropriating their responsibility before the productive sector and the society.

The Institution directs its efforts towards its consolidation as a center of economic-administrative culture that by its nature has a special responsibility with society, to which it owes and will be attentive in its activity to the patterns and demands that arise from the fields of knowledge. associated with the economic-administrative disciplines, engaging in the search for new problems and their solution, with a high humanistic sense and within the framework of a universal conception.


  • Medellín

    Calle 76,80-126, 050041, Medellín