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Universidade Estácio


Founded in 1970 by João Uchôa Cavalcanti Netto, with the introduction of the law degree, its name is in homage to the Portuguese military founder of the city of Rio de Janeiro and first governor general of the flagship of Rio de Janeiro. During the 1980s UNESA dedicated itself to the opening of other courses in the humanities, having become a university in 1988.1 With this in the following decade, it grew up opening little traditional courses in the area of ​​communication and business; which was a great innovation in the market of higher education in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and later at the national level. In the 2000s biomedical sciences opened up rapidly.

Estácio has a broad teaching structure and offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses in the areas of knowledge. It is also known for the offer of Vacation Courses open to the community, in the months of July and January.

Universidade Estácio de Sá Universidade Estácio also offers international training in the areas of hospitality without the need to leave the country through partnerships with European schools. She is a partner of Lausanne Ecóle Hôtelière (Hospitality), Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (Turismology), Alain Ducasse Formation (Gastronomy), University of Coimbra (Law), Greensboro's Northen Caroline University (Insurance Management) and The Walt Disney World Company Hotels and Tourism).

In addition to investing in teaching, he also managed a professional football team, Estácio de Sá Futebol Clube, between 2004 and 2011.


  • Rio de Janeiro

    R. do Bpo., 83 - Rio Comprido