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ESIC Business & Marketing School Master of Lifelong Training in Marketing and Communication Management of Fashion and Luxury
ESIC Business & Marketing School

Master of Lifelong Training in Marketing and Communication Management of Fashion and Luxury

12 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 19,700 *


* Madrid and Barcelona


Specialized in luxury communication and marketing with a master's degree in fashion and luxury communication and marketing management.

El MML es un programa especializado y orientado a que te formes como un profesional en comunicación y marketing en la industria de la moda y el lujo. Estudiarás contenidos actuales orientados a su aplicación práctica, ya sea en los departamentos de comunicación y marketing de las marcas o en agencias de comunicación especializadas. Este máster te ofrece una profunda visión y un estudio actual de la marca y de su importancia estratégica en el sector de la moda y el lujo. El programa incluye asignaturas de marketing, comunicación, eventos, marketing digital, sostenibilidad, moda virtual y metaverso, consumidores, moda contemporánea, colecciones, visual merchandising, etc.

Once you finish the program, you will be able to obtain the title of Master of Lifelong Training in Fashion and Luxury Marketing and Communication Management issued by ESIC University.

Why study Fashion and Luxury Communication and Marketing?

The fashion and luxury sector is one of the fastest growing sectors and brands demand communication and marketing specialists with an international vision, willingness to innovate and creative capacity.

Visión global

The program allows you to obtain an overview of the fashion and luxury industry, analyzing the current challenges of the sector and evaluating specific strategies of fashion and luxury companies. The importance of sustainability and sustainable processes is also studied, since they have become essential factors in the fashion sector.


Strategic importance is given to the brand, its identity and its narrative. Communication today would be impossible without taking into account all the changes that have occurred in the digital field and social media, as well as in the metaverse and new points of sale. Likewise, communication requires knowledge of visual languages, such as photography and Fashion Films, without forgetting styling when launching and communicating a seasonal collection.

Escenario Global

Fashion and luxury brands are increasingly using events, fashion week shows and flagship store openings as communication tools with their consumers and clients. Points of sale in which visual merchandising takes center stage and in which design and location are crucial to the success of the brand.




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