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Instituto Politécnico de Viseu – Escola Superior de Educação (ESEV)

Instituto Politécnico de Viseu – Escola Superior de Educação (ESEV)

Instituto Politécnico de Viseu – Escola Superior de Educação (ESEV)


THE School of Viseu Education (ESEV) It was the first organic unity of a Polytechnic Institute to become operational in Portugal. In 1983, it began the first teacher training courses in the former School of Primary Teaching. Still operating in this emblematic building of the city of Viseu, the ESEV integrates all five organizational units that are the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV), assuming their vocation in scientific, cultural, artistic and technical qualified professionals, a joint with the provision of community services, research and strengthening networks of partnership with regional, national and international development projects and activities of common interest.

The ESEV has developed and adapted according to the challenges of new contexts and training paradigms in higher education. Adapted to the Bologna Process and diversified its activities according to the community's needs. Its training offer includes 8 degree courses (1st cycle) and 11 Masters courses (2nd cycle), in the area of ​​teacher training, matrix founder of ESEV, but also in the areas of social education, environmental education, artistic entertainment and cultural sport and physical activity, art and multimedia, media and advertising and public relations.

The ESEV has actively collaborated in-service teacher training in the area of ​​professionalism in service coordination at the regional level, several teacher training projects launched by the Ministry of Education and organizing various training courses not grade checkers. The ESEV established protocols with several institutions in their areas of influence, school clusters, chambers and parish councils, cultural institutions, newspapers and local radio stations, to ensure training places for their students and to promote the implementation of partnership and projects that contribute to sustainable development of the region where the ESEV falls. International cooperation and mobility of students, staff and teachers take up too as determining factors for the quality of teaching and learning.

The ESEV values ​​the promotion of research and training of its faculty. Many of the teachers belong to the doctoral research center in education, health technologies and the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, determining factor for the coordinated investigation of the claim with the formation of domains offered by ESEV.


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